Absorbing opening round of Inter League Cup

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Absorbing opening round of Inter League Cup

Postby neville » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:44 pm

1 Northern Football Alliance v Lincolnshire League - NFA WTHDREW - Lincolnshire w/o
2 Isle of Man 4 Peterborough & District League 1
3 Liverpool County Premier League 3 West Yorkshire Association League 2
4 Staffordshire County Senior League 5 Lancashire Amateur League 0
5 Northamptonshire Combination 1 Humber Premier League 2
6 Chester & Wirral League 6 Cheshire League 3 aet 3-3ft
7 Cumberland County League v North Riding FL
8 York Football League 2 West Riding County Amateur League 1
9 Jersey Football Combination 3 Essex Olympian League 2
10 Dorset Premier League 2 Kent County League 3
11 Guernsey County Senior League v Surrey Elite Intermediate League w/o for Guernsey with Surrey in default
12 Somerset County League 3 Essex & Suffolk Border League 3 Essex 3-0 pens
13 Hampshire Premier League 1 Cambridgeshire County League 2
14 Anglian Combination 0 Amateur Football Combination 5
15 Bedfordshire County League 6 Southern Amateur League 4
16 Thames Valley Premier League 3 Spartan South Midlands League 2

Second Round Saturday 23 December 2017
Third Round Saturday 10 February 2018
Semi Final Saturday 24 March 2018
Final Saturday 28 April 2018 (prov)
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Re: Sadly we are not in the draw for the 17/18 Inter League Cup

Postby neville » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:01 pm

The draw is now avaialble and shown above. Becasue of the status of many of the Leagues they automatically qualify but a handful of teams have been chosen on past performances, and we can feel unluckiy in that we have yet to fall at the first hurdle after being in four successive tournamanets.

Nevertheless there are some fascinating ties with the Liverpool County Premier League against the holders, the West Yorkshire League, promising to be a close run affair. Two teams we have overcome in the past, The York League and the WRCA League lock horns. Southern Amateur League travel to play Bedford County League - game they should win.Our old rivals the Amateur Football Combinatoin have a tricky trip to play the Anglia Combination

The rules that state the eligibility of anty team are shown on the page from the FA Inter League Competition.

http://www.thefa.com/competitions/grass ... league-cup
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Our rivals from the York Football League win against County Amat League 2-1

Postby neville » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:16 pm

The results for the first round are posted above. Not sure how this result is interpreted and that is the victory of the York League over WRCA League 2-1 in a game played at Tadcaster Albion. Hopefully the YAL are in demand for friendlies with Humber Prem winning 1-2 at Northampton Combination.

The hosts took an early advantage with two goals in the first 15 minutes. Chris Dyson netted after only two minutes before Scott Nichols added from the penalty spot after Adam Jordan had handled in the box.

The County Amateurs pulled one back in the second half through Matthew Bugg of Littletown but were unable to overcome their early setback.

Many will be keen to learn that the Isle of Man defeated Peterborough & Dist 4-1, Liverpool County beat West Yorks League 3-2 and AFC London, whom we defeated handsomely around Easter time, pleasingly won 5-0 at Anglian Combination.
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Inter League Cup with usual surprise Results

Postby neville » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:48 pm

Round 2

Jersey Football Combination 1 Kent County League 3
Cambridgeshire County League 2 Thames Valley Premier League 5
Chester & Wirral Footballleague 1 York Footbal League 8
Humber Premier League 1 North Riding Football League 5
Lincolnshire League 2 Staffordshire County league 5
Isle Of Man 7 Liverpool Couty Premier League 4 (aet 4-4 ft)
Bedford County League 4 Amateur Football Combination 5
Essex Border League 5 Guernsey County Senior League 0

No Channel Islands representation in Rd 3. North Riding were reinstated after defeat by Cumberland FL in Round 1. Fabulous victory for York and AFC manage to win by the odd goal in nine as they enjoy a better Inter-League Cup run this time.
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Round 3 and some eye-catching results

Postby neville » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:07 pm

Round 3 - Quarter Finals

Eassex & Sussex Border League v Kent County League - postponed
Amateur Football Combination 5 Thames Valley Premier League 4
Essex & Suffolk Border League v Kent County league - subject to FA Investigation
Essex & Kent Border Leage 1 Kent County League 1 - Kent won 4-3 on kicks from the penalty mark
York Footbal League 4 Staffordshire County league 0
North Riding Football League 5 Isle of Man League 2
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Inter League Cup Semi-Finals - could be a local derby final

Postby neville » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:11 pm

8-) These matches are subject to date and time changes.

Saturday 17th March 18

Kick Off 1500hrs

York Football League v Kent County league

At Harrogate (???)

Saturday 24th March 18

Kick Off 1400 hrs

Amateur Football Combination v North Riding Football League.

At Uxbridge (??)
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York reach Inter League Final and play either North Yorks or Amat Football Combination

Postby neville » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:26 pm

Congratulations to the York Football League on their 4-1 victory over the Kent County League in the semi-final last Saturday. The scores were level at 1-1 after 90 minutes but York ran away with the match in extra time.

This Saturday we have the other Inter-Leageu Cup semi-final when the North Yorkshire League will play our old rivlas the Amateur Football Combibation who have done themselves justice this year. The result that probably made us all draw breath was the fabulous 5-2 success of the North Riding League against the formidable Isle of Man.

Hopefully we will be accepted by the FA next time but we have lost that continuity. It is a point made by the North Riding players (One time Teesside League) how much they prefer playing in the Inter-League competition rather than friendlies. The games do have that that bite needed to make the games enjoyable and they refer favourably to the travel with the game against AFC to be played at Uxbridge.

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