Hodgson Cup Semi-Final - 22 Mar at Liversedge

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Hodgson Cup Semi-Final - 22 Mar at Liversedge

Postby neville » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:47 pm

The review by Wildcatarmy on the game tomorrow shown hereunder.

22nd March 1930hrs Liversedge Hodgson - Semi Thornes Res v Middleton

I'll preview this one as Middleton knocked us out in the last round so I have a view.

Without sounding rude here, I suppose Thornes can class themselves as rather fortunate to have got to this stage of the competition. A bye in the 1st round, followed by scraping through 1-0 against their own 3rd team in the second round and then another bye in the Quarter Finals. They currently sit bottom of Division 4 with 1 draw and 11 losses from 12 games. Their plus point is the draw came last month against Shire 3rds and that is a tough place to go and get a result. Middleton on the other hand beat Huddersfield Res 7-2 in the 1st round, Centralians 8-2 in the 2nd round and then Rothwell Res 4-1 in the quarter finals. In our game I was very impressed with Middleton and I fancied our chances before the game but we were 2nd best to them in all areas on the day. With the folding of the WYL 1st team earlier this season (who were in the same division as our 1st team last season) this has strengthened their team even more and since that game Middleton lost narrowly 3-4 at home to the Div 4 top team Prospect FC but then went to their place and beat them 2-0. This has only strengthened my belief that Middleton are a team to watch for sure and although they aren't fighting for promotion as it stands, I think with a full squad that they could easily compete a couple of divisions higher than they currently are. The league game between these two ended 1-2 to Middleton, they haven't played the reverse fixture yet.

Prediction, well it doesn't take a genius to look at the tables and the previous form and suggest a comprehensive Middleton win. I'd love to give Thornes a chance... but I simply can't. Apologies again to Thornes, I have a lot of time for Graham and the work he does behind the scenes and hopefully this prediction doesn't tarnish that !! 0-5 to Middleton.

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