Notes for Guidance of Referees 2015/16

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Notes for Guidance of Referees 2015/16

Postby neville » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:28 am


Please find enclosed useful information concerning the rules of our League.

1. Please note the kick-off times of matches when you receive your Appointments
Lists. Our matches are different from other leagues, at certain times of the year. This
is due to the longer journey times required for many games. If a team fails to turn up
and there has been no indication that they were not coming, Referees should wait
until the scheduled half-time before calling the game off. You are then entitled to full
fee and full expenses. The defaulting team are responsible for this payment and
Referees should contact the Referee’s Appointments Secretary who will arrange for
payment to be made. If you turn up for a game which is then called off, you are
entitled to half fee and full expenses. The home club always pay fees and
expenses, even in cup games.

2. The home club is responsible for confirming matches with Referees. This should
be done five clear days before the match is due to be played. Conversely, if you are
on the Appointments List and are unable to fulfil that game, you should inform the
home club (and the Referees Appointment Secretary), so that they are aware you
are not taking the fixture.

3. In the event of a colour clash, the home club is responsible for providing a

4. Goal nets, corner flags and Assistant Referees flags are compulsory in all
matches in all Divisions. This information is required on the Referee Report Sheet
along with the score and kick-off time, etc. Both home and away teams are
responsible for sending Match Report sheets in and referees have no requirement to
sign these.

5. The competing teams shall provide an Assistant Referee. Referees shall report
those who do not, to the League Secretary.

6. We allow 3 substitutes in all matches. These must be named before kick off as
repeat substitutions are allowed.

7. No player can be signed on after 31st March. Players cannot be signed on before
a cup match.

8. Matches shall be a maximum of 90 minutes and a minimum 70 minutes. Extra
time is played in cup games to a maximum of 30 minutes. Should the match still be
tied there will be a penalty shoot out. 5 nominated players from each side and in the
event of a continued tie a sudden death using players who have not taken a penalty.

9. The home team is responsible for providing at least two fit match balls.

All divisions and cups £25.00 plus 25p per mile expenses
Assistant Referees £16 plus 25p per mile expenses.

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